Title: Velocity: Landscapes of Collaborative Entanglement.

Your visitors become involved in a collaborative digital public engagement experience, shown in the city, or gallery. This artwork uses a custom made software APP which tracks the audience, and the data collected is represented as a visual collage of collective collaborative entanglement. What you experience is an interconnected system, an entangled virus of monitored collective behaviour.

We have been reduced to binary to zeroes and ones in the large data systems owned by the state or by larger corporations. In the 'age of surveillance capitalism' maybe there is another way to combine our zeroes and ones and to re-entangle us. Instead of state control, instead of corporate control, Velocity shares the data streams and mixes them together for all to see. The artwork focuses on the idea that we are greater than the sum of our individual parts and by working together we become active agents for positive social change. By combining and sharing everyone's data in this artwork the participants become a large performing entangled group.


The artwork becomes a real-time collective performance and the technology highlights how separate and stacked informational layers can be threaded to be made visible as an interwoven and entangled universe that has no borders. Velocity is not a bye product of your data but specifically asks for your data to create a shared landscape. The focus becomes participation and inclusivity within the larger system, rather than alienation and exclusivity.


Festival events and large Groups. This software is designed with festivals and large scale public events in mind. All your visitors can become involved in a massive collaborative digital artwork.

Available. Get in touch if you want to exhibit this. When it is exhibited, the customised 3d visualisation can be seen in art galleries, or outside in the city. If outdoors what you need is a projection system to see it, plus a computer. (It can be shown indoors or outdoors.

Exhibition Logistics. You also need to provide at least one good computer (connected to the internet) and one good projector as a minimum. It can also be shown as a triptych (which looks great) in which case you need three computers and three 4k projectors (or three very large screens).



A custom made app gathers data to the server ( IOS and Android) . Several data streams are merged some with machine learning through a unique stanza.api.The data is then visualised in three.js. ( It gets customised for each city)


Heinz Nixdorf Museum. Paderborn Germany 2023
Samek Art
Museum. Lewisberg USA 2023
Museum Of The Future, Enschede Netherlands 2022
Vagamondes Festival La Filature, Mulhouse France.2022
Jarvenpaa Art Museum Finland 2021
Museum of Cyptography Moscow Russia, 2021
La Filature, Mulhouse France. 2021
104 CentreQuatre Paris Bienale Nemo France 2021
Spectre festival Aberdeen Scotland 2019

Download Stanza Velocity APP (Updated JUNE 2023)



Velocity By Stanza. City wide data visualisation


Artistic Context. The artwork demonstrates how everyday interactions can by using adaptive technologies create communities and wider social interaction which in turn allows for collaborative engagement. The artwork viewed becomes a self organising visualisation of the contemporary city as an organic system. Today the intersections of information, life, and machines display complexities that suggest the possibility of a much deeper synthesis within this entanglement. The artistic visualisation created is an alternative perspective based on human machine interactions that are structured through codified behaviors inferring collective agency. The concept is based on the idea of walking out the door, and knowing every single action, movement, sound, micro movement, pulse, and thread of information is being tracked, monitored, stored, analyzed, interpreted and logged and we are complicitly involved. Therefore how can we open this out as a collaborative entity of which we are all part, that benefits us all.


The artwork further comments on how we all be tracked and surveilled both now and in the future. Systems are now monitoring other systems controlled by ever more sophisticated algorithms. The machine is intelligently controlling its own version of itself, performing in real-time (the avatar city) enabled through the means of research and production. Velocity is not a closed off system but open to continual feedback, change, and response.


Essentially data is interpreted and remediated to create a generative screen-based artwork. In this living system it is the code, the algorithmic interpretation that facilitates gateways opening and closing, passages creating new meaning. The artwork redistributes global data almost as a commodity, identifying that the system of control is global and further demonstating our complicit and collaborative entanglement in these panoptic systems.


For curators


Available for festivals and exhibitions. Please contact me for more information.


Velocity By Stanza HNF Paderborn.



Velocity By Stanza . Data In The City . Steve


Steve Tanza. Velocity By Stanza


Velocity By Stanza



data visualisation by Stanza. Steve Tanza.


data visualisation by Stanza. Steve Tanza.

data visualisation by Stanza. Steve Tanza.


tracking app data visualisation by Stanza. Steve Tanza.


(c) Credits. Artwork by Stanza. Main website


Technical development; Stanza, Nick Rothwell, and Jonathan Jones Morris.






  • This APP combines your GPS position and photographs to create this artwork.
  • This urban mobility experience tracks you in real time and places the data into an art installation.
  • What you see on the screen is a poetic interpretation, an abstracted artwork of all the combined phone data.
  • Velocity is an artwork engaging with issues of data ownership and privacy of information.

  • Participants can number from 10 to 100000 and they all become part of the artwork at once in real time.

  • Once this data is online it is used as one large data set and visualised as a large artwork which is exhibited.

  • The artwork can be projected large or exhibited on screens.
  • Rather than being hidden and in the background, this is open, transparent, and in the foreground.
  • All data is anonymized in the system.
  • More data is being added to the system it now has twenty cities, polution data and machine learning for patterns inside the 3d shape.
  • Track and Trace APP as an artwork.